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A year ago at Liberty City Anime Convention, I kept seeing and running into this one guy.

SenPIE Cosplay

The original dab master Spark.

This guy looked silly and seemed like he had a lot of sugar before coming to the con. He was everywhere. He was cosplaying that yellow guy from that Pokemon game that was recently released and everyone was going nuts for him. He kept doing this “dab” thing that looked silly and yet people couldn’t get enough of it. He must have dabbed a thousand times at the con to people excitedly clapping for him.

SenPIE Cosplay

It was funny to watch.

We chatted a bit and I found him to be really nice and surprisingly nervous. I interviewed him and a few other cosplayers at the same time and found out his name was Jared and surprisingly he was very new to cosplay. By the end of the convention he was everyone’s friend. Unfortunately, the interview we did looked horrid thanks to the poor venue lighting and my inexperience as a videographer. So I had to trash it.

Fast forward to DerpyCon 2016 and who do I find at the con volunteering, Jared.

SenPIE Cosplay, Con Staff

Please have your badge showing.

I would come to find out he started going by SenPIE cosplay on social media. During this con, we really got to know each other and instead of some hyper active sugar fueled kid, he turned out to be a very responsible man that was surprisingly chill and low key. He really impressed me. We hung out a lot during the weekend and we became friends. Once again I tried to interview him but it didn’t come out very well.

Fast forward a few months and I convinced him to come check out Castle Point Anime Convention 2017 and help me out with Nardio. We had a blast just walking around and finding talented cosplayers and just hanging out. Best of all we finally were able to have a good interview. Check it out below and learn a little bit more about my friend Jared, also known as SenPIE Cosplay.


Fun right!

I gotta say it’s been a pleasure getting to know this man and being his friend. He has helped me feel at home at every single con, introduced me to dozens of awesome and talented people and has just been awesome.

Because of this bromance he has also become the very most photographed person in our photo catalog. Since he is always around us when we are doing interviews, the cosplayers we are interviewing always see him, love his work and want photos with him as well. This leads to an interesting problem for this interview post. I have too many good pictures of Jared.

Take the fun pics below as a small sample of the shots and awesomeness of SenPIE Cosplay. In the time that I’ve known him, his cosplay skills have shot up by leaps and bounds. His shyness has also melted away leaving a fun guy to hang out with at cons who is up for almost anything.

Enjoy the pics.

Don’t worry, we will post more of our buddy later on.

SenPie Cosplay

SenPIE Codplay Mystic messenger

SenPIE cosplay VKS Spark Trash

SenPIE Cosplay Squall Trash

SenPIE Codplay Mystic messenger

SenPIE Cosplay JoJO TrashSenPIE Cosplay Con Prom

SenPIE Cosplay Kyoshi WarriorSenPIE Cosplay


AnimeNext 2017 Photos

AnimeNext 2017 Photos

SenPIE Cosplay Squall

SenPIE Cosplay

SenPIE Cosplay 707

Liberty City Anime Convention

Castle Point Anime Convention

Jared thanks for taking the time to chat with me and be our pal at cons. Be sure to follow SenPIE Cosplay and all the cons we go to on Facebook and Instagram at the social media links below:








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Recording Camera: Sony FDR AX100

Cameras: Sony a6500 & Cannon SX60







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