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IS Burrito Bison: Launcha Libra WORTH YOUR TIME?

Sort of. It depends on how you feel about a fun game that basically forces you to watch an insane amount of ads to progress or pay a lot for in app purchases to try to progress with fewer  ads. There is a fun game here, it’s just unfortunately buried beneath an insane amount of ads and in app purchases.




iOS. I dislike the permissions it asks of me on Android and the web version was just to frustrating for a variety of reasons.


Update to the review is on the bottom of the review.



A frustrating experience that is saved by its move to mobile

Our friends at Juicy Beast released Burrito Bison Launcha Libra on Kongregate a while ago and well, we tried to love it. Then we gave up. It was the Burrito Bison we knew and loved gated to all hell with crazy upgrade prices, punishing progression gates and a broken ad system. It was just bad.

Fast forward a few months and we got a new iPad Pro and Juicy Beast put out a very interesting and very honest blog post explaining the history and creation of Burrito Bison Launcha Libra. It explained why the team decided to create Burrito Bison Launcha Libra and why they made it as freemium focused as it was. TLDR, the company was going broke and freemium was the way the market was heading. It was a depressing and yet enthralling read that made me want to give Burrito Bison Launcha Libra another try.

I had a bad taste in my mouth after playing Kongregate version and didn’t want a game that required I play through it on my PC when I primarily use it for work. My iPad made more sense because it didn’t require the insane permissions android asks of my privacy. It also had the biggest benefit: I could just put it down whenever an ad played.

Let’s be honest, video ads are a necessary evil. Sure they aren’t bad per say. Much better than the random sketchy pop ups that used to happen mid game that forced players in mistakenly click links that led to skeevy games. Now, whenever I have to watch a video ad I just hit play and put my mobile device down for about thirty seconds or so. It’s not as bad as being forced to sit through them on my PC. I can easily get stuff done.

Burrito Bison: Launcha Libra basically demands that you watch video ads to proceed in the game. The ads provide the biggest sources of incoming throughout most of the game. As progression is tied to upgrades and upgrades get insanely expensive almost immediately, you need to watch ads to progress. There is the option to buy a coin doubler for a permanent gold upgrade, but even with double the coins of your runs, ads would me still all but mandatory if you don’t want to grind seemingly forever.

This will be the breaking point for a lot of players. For me it was tiresome, but I really only endured it thanks to my love for the previous Burrito Bison iPad game and my love of previous Juicy Beast games. Also, that blog post about the company being close to shutting down. Thankfully I was slightly rewarded with a fun game that I would enjoy in small bursts. Burrito Bison Launcha Libra is not the previous game that we were able to just grind away on and progress and eventually finish in a day or so. No Burrito Bison Launcha Libra is about small bursts of gameplay with ads that you use as breaks that then hopefully reward you with currency to progress. Thankfully the progression does feel tangible. I find It works best for me to come back to the game every few hours when I need a short break, take advantage of the free pinata that awards loot and then click the option to triple it by playing the seemingly obligatory ad.

The option to seemingly buy out of most of this nonsense is about $30. Even then I cannot honestly see myself progressing much without still having to watch ads. At least then I guess I would progress faster. I think. I am not sure. Honestly, I am torn whether I want to buy into this to help support an indie game developer that I love or if it is a waste of money. In theory, I am already supporting them by “watching” an insane amount of ads, that said I know devs are making less and less money from them these days. I may eventually buy in. There are also flash sales on the permanent in app purchases as well. Sometimes they are half off or even 75% off.

Honestly, besides all the hard wall nonsense and the ads, the gameplay is fun, once you get past the initial slump. Yes, at first it’s nothing but slamming your head against a wall, but it does get better, and once I stopped trying to sit down with it longer than 5 minutes at a time I found myself enjoying it as a break from the day. Again, this is really only being tolerated because of my love for the original game. Had this been my first dip into the world of Burrito Bison I would have deleted it immediately.

The insane store/upgrade and even permanent upgrade prices even randomly get lowered during flash sales. This is how I have mostly progressed in Burrito Bison Launcha Libra. The new characters are a breath of fresh air and while they take some time to get used to, they do add to the game. I only with there was an option to choose who I want to play instead of being forced to cycle through them.

I love the new enemies and power ups as well. Once you get to powering them all up that old epic and amazing feeling from the classic game comes back. The longer that I play and the more I upgrade the more I find myself wanting to come back for more. Sure it requires that I watch a lot of ads, but I am enjoying myself. The gameplay gets fun and the amazing feeling and soul from the first game is still here. I just needed to earn it…and watch a lot of ads.

I have to say, it’s worth it. 

I expect to buy in with in app purchases and further support a game dev that I respect and whose work I adore.

TLDR: This is an interesting game for short gameplay burst if you play it on mobile because you can put it down during the ads not feel like a hostage to them.


I beat the game and it was a lackluster experience that didn’t feel worth it for the amount of ads I endured. The gameplay just sorta ends in a very disappointing way. I can’t believe I almost paid into this and I watched this many ads for this. 




  • Freemium
  • Ads supported with the option to buy with in-app purchases
  • Casual gameplay
  • Very aggressive video ads that are neededto proceed.



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