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A Robot Named Fight is a Metroidvania, heavily inspired by Metroid and then watered down by roguelike gameplay and bad game design. I wanted to like this, I really, really gave this game a solid try, but the randomness of it tied into its bad game design and finally, horrible difficulty spikes made me walk away.

A Named Fight has you as a lone robotic hero standing against an invasion of meat monsters on your robot world. The plot seemed pretty interesting at the beginning, but it never seemed to be fleshed out. This has the makings of a great game but it never managed to even be a good game. A Robot Named Fight is a painfully disappointing experience that left me wanting to pull out my old copy of Super Metroid.

The character design, movement and even a few of the weapons are Metroid like. The rest of the game… ugh.. the rest of the game is a randomized shit show. Some runs you will find yourself getting almost no power-ups and then walking into a boss fight that you are in no way prepared for.

Now, I don’t mean you just randomly walk into the room. I mean that the game steers you into said boss fight encounter because you have no other places to go. There might not just be any other paths or the paths that are available are blocked, needing power-ups you haven’t received yet to pass them. This happened several times for me and it was always maddeningly frustrating. Especially after spending 10-20 minutes to find the boss. I would inevitably die and it wasn’t fun, it wasn’t a learning experience, it was just cheap and frustrating.

The boss fights themselves are just horribly implemented and done. Many enemies have hard to see tells if any at all before unleashing powerful and often times one shot kill attacks. That is just wrong. Others create so many smaller enemies that the screen is practically filled with them all moving around making dodging an impossibility.  Others, are just pushovers… Getting this random grab bag of bosses with no rhyme, reason or regard to player progression is just bad game design and game-breaking as a player.

Roguelike games are supposed to test player skill in the face of adversity. Good ones raise the difficulty appropriately the further you make it. Each death is clean and there is always something to learn about how you died. The biggest problem is, the games dependency on the player getting useful weapons, health power-ups and other useful items. A Robot Named Fight isn’t beatable without them, but they often times don’t every show up.

Plenty of sad runs had me getting a few power-ups and then dying too many many other cheap deaths. Often times you will find yourself taking unavoidable damage as you are forced to blind jump into areas to progress only to find enemies waiting directly below you and or surrounding you on all sides. Other times you go into a room to have an enemy dash at you just as you are entering the room. Other times a room you dropped into will be quickly filled with enemies coming from all sides that float through obstacles and take many hits to die.

Then there is the problem of runs that are impossible because you don’t have the proper power-ups to progress. You are just locked out of progressing. This is maddening. But wait, there is more fail. Enemies are interesting looking but often times blend too well into the backgrounds. Some are almost completely indistinguishable from random death splatter they make when dying. Then there are the platforms that disappear just by slightly touching them. Now I am not talking about standing on them, I mean if your player slightly collides with it as you try to jump on it, it disintegrates…

Worst in game store in ages.

A had a few runs that lasted pretty long and I found myself making it pretty far. Part of that was knowing what to look out for and the biggest reason was getting a power-up weapon that made my characters health tied to the currency pick up. So I had way, way more health than normal. It almost broke the game because I was able to survive so much. But of course, the game responded in kind, flooding the areas I made it to with swarms of enemies that my character was not powerful enough to kill fast enough. I just hit a wall and it felt pointless. Even progressing in A Robot Named Fight feels empty. It’s mostly about the luck of getting the right upgrades and weapons randomly, not skill.

The character control isn’t tight enough. The plot had potential, but fizzled out. The randomization is broken. Buying items in the hidden shops is a horrible experience thanks to the total lack of explanation of what you are buying and what it’s for.  Not to mention the near impossibility of getting the needed currencies to buy things. etc…etc…etc…. There is a lot more wrong with this game but at this point, I feel like I am beating a dead horse.

A Robot Named Fight has the makings of a great game, but as is, I hate it. I can’t honestly see this mess getting any better. Maybe, maybe if the developer turned this into a proper linear platformer instead of a randomized game this would be a better experience, sadly I doubt that is going to happen.









I’m not promoting this.


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