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Finninyan at AnimeNext 2017


I love AnimeNext. Absofuckinglootly love it. The more I go through my insane backlog of pictures the more excited I am about going again next year. The Pictures of the Day today on Cosplay Wednesday are probably two of the very best shots I took at the con.

Finninyan AnimeNext 2017

I was thrilled with them. They were almost perfect. A year ago I would have said they were good enough. Yet, something about these pictures vexxed me. They were the only two pictures that came out looking good after a photo shoot where I missed focus for the rest of the pictures.  I really wanted to make these pop. I wanted to perfect them. I wanted to see how far I could go.

And I did.

At first, I did some light edits and was OK with them, but I wanted to do better. I waited a bit and worked on other interviews and shots. Over time I learned how to use Lightroom a bit more and a little while ago I felt ready. I spent about two and a half hours working on this first shot on and off and I am damn proud of the end result.

Finninyan AnimeNext 2017

This is one of the best shots I have ever taken and the best work I’ve done in post.

The initial shot was damn near flawless for me in terms of sharpness. I was able to play with the colors enough to help them pop and brightened only what needed it. Little by little, I removed random stray hairs, desaturated and dimmed the background a bit. Upped the detail and color on her eyes and bam. My first pro photo.

After I felt comfortable with the shot I moved on to the next one.


I repeated the process in Lightroom by using the previous edits and tweaking what I could.

I’m really happy with these photos and the progress I made with my post editing skills. Hopefully, next year I can do even better and not screw up any shots. It’s times like this when I edit photos from great cons I find myself coming down with serious post con nostalgia. I also look at ways I can improve. Maybe next time I’ll use a lower f-stops to get everything in focus. Maybe bring in a custom backdrop or two. I’m definitely going to master using an external flash!

Finally, I plan on re-interviewing this cosplayer. She goes by the name Finninyan. She was really interesting to say the least. I feel bad that the interview and the rest of the shots didn’t come out well, but that is no biggie. I figured out along the way that sometimes we need to do things several times to get ’em just right.

You can check out Finninyan’s social media links below.


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Finninyan Patreon

Finninyan Instagram

This was from 2 years ago!!!! Ahhhhhh

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Camera: Sony a6500

Lens: Neewer 35mm f/1.7 manual focus prime fixed lens


ISO: 200

Shutter Speed:1/100






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