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This shit cannot have possibly been playtested.


Gunnheim is a shoot em up game that fails on pretty much every single level. I endured a few hours of this as co-op trying to beat the game with my partner. Very early on the problems reared their heads. Their many, many hideous, inexcusable badly designed heads.


Ok, so the biggest flaw of this shit show is that friendly fire is on and you cannot toggle it off. Sure that means that you should be playing carefully but the levels weren’t designed with this in mind, even worse the weapons weren’t either.

In random, needle tight areas, you will find yourself picking up and mistakenly using a weapon that shoots your partner by mistake. This happens because enemies and random destructible objects randomly drop weapon crates. Even worse, you can’t choose whether you pick up a crate or not or see what is in said crate. You just frantically run over it and hope for the best. Sure you can drop weapons, but the pace of the game simply doesn’t allow this most of the time.

Next, comes the punishing level design that requires that you just run to the end while dealing with never-ending hoards. The problem is dealing with these hoards comes down to weapon pick up luck a lot of the time. This is the biggest problem with Gunnheim.

When you are lucky and get useful weapons the runs can be relatively easy. When you aren’t lucky, it’s frustrating, unfun, insanity. That happens all too often. Thanks to horribly imbalanced weapons ranging from totally useless to almost always perfect, Gunnheim feels slapdash and not playtested. I cannot fathom this game ever went into the hands of testers. It just seems too raw and broken. This feels like a great alpha. I can see the genius of this game. I really can. This could have been an epic co-op and or solo experience. But it isn’t.

This mess has zero instructions. Even starting the game is frustrating. The UI is a lazy mess. There is almost no explanation for anything and the interface is just horrible. The same can be said of the many, many weapons in game. You won’t know what they do, how many shots they hold or how to best utilize them until you get a chance to play with them Unfortunately the game never gives you time to master them.

Enemies blend too easily into the backgrounds. Enemy spawning seems like it was set without a single care of weapon load outs. Enemies have seemingly random health sizes. Some can be killed in a single shot, others take multiple. This makes dealing with them always an uncertainty and unbelievably frustrating. I’m not talking about different enemies here, I am talking the normal small enemies that you will see a million times from start to finish. The same can also be said of the the other in game enemies. Enemy diversity is also, unfortunately, painfully lacking. Death animations for certain enemies are hard to see. The shooting enemies, for instance, take a lot of bullets to kill, but you are never quite sure when they are dead until they fall over.

Trying to stand a chance against these odds is frustrating because players are ill-equipped for the task. Each character has a once per level ability, but this seems poorly thought out and badly implemented. The female character drops several health packs, but these get thrown up into the air and often times get stuck in unreachable locations. It would be nice to be able to drop them on the ground one by one, but not. They all get scattered and left where you dropped them.

The male character has a berserker attack that deals a large, yet uneven amount of damage. Sometimes he can solo a boss with this, other times he will barely dent their health. He becomes invulnerable and attacks in mele range for a bit, but it also sets you up to be in a bad position when the attack wears off.

The more I played through Gunnheim, the more frustrated I became. We saw the potential here. We actually had fun a few times. We learned how to conquer and deal with a few levels. But it mostly came down to luck most of the time. Luck with weapon drops. Luck with enemies dying on fewer hits. The fun us vs the hordes didn’t win out against the frustration of us vs the randomness.

I tried soloing the game with similar frustrating feels.

Gunnheim has almost no story. It has no saves in between levels so if you give up on the level before the last boss, well ya gotta start from scratch on that world in and or when you log back in again. Knowing I/we would need to deal with all of that randomness and frustration again has been off-putting enough that we just don’t want to play it again. Gunnheim has since been deleted to free up precious hard drive space.

I really hope some talented game dev gets Gunnheim and decides to create a better version of it. As is, this game isn’t worth .99 cents let along the outrageous asking price of $9.99 on steam. It’s too unpolished, broken and lacking.





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