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IS Highway Blossoms WORTH YOUR TIME?




As per usual, I jumped into this visual novel after ignoring it in my massive backlog for a while. I know game developers and visual novel creators would rather that a reviewer just get to things, but I feel like visual novels are best appreciated as a fresh experience. Highway Blossoms was no different. Going blind was a great decision.

Honestly, don’t even read the Steam description. Just buy this.



Highway Blossoms was a near perfect visual novel experience. I found myself instantly immersed and impressed with this unbelievably beautiful experience. Everything about this visual novel screams love and care. The art is magnificent, the story is almost perfect and the music and sound effects are mind-blowingly perfect.

Highway Blossoms has now become my favorite romantic visual novel and possibly the very best kinetic visual novel experience yet.

Be warned, I am going to continue gushing.



I confused this visual novel with another Sekai Project visual novel in my backlog. As I started to go through the visual novel I realized that I was experiencing the “wrong” story. By that point, I was far too in love with the experience to dare stop.

Highway Blossoms is about a young woman out on a road trip trying to cope with recent life events and find herself. Along the way, she makes an interesting, if almost unbelievably, naive friend. The adventure these two have had honestly was amazing. Besides the overly naive character, the experience was perfection. Heck, even that character’s naivete, works in favor of the story.

I cannot remember the last time I was this invested this quickly with a VN. The characters are amazing and, well…. so is everything else. I want to rant and gush about all the little details here, but I really want to have a spoiler-free review. So here goes:

Highway Blossoms was a magnificent experience that I wholeheartedly recommend tot everyone who loves visual novels or is curious about the experience. I loved it. Throughout the entire experience I found myself gasping at the perfection. The art is amazing. Sure some of the character art poses start to feel a bit stale, but the story actually explains a lot of reuse pretty perfectly. The backgrounds are gorgeous and oozing with detail and care.

The music…. Wow. This is the very best visual novel soundtrack I have ever heard. The sound effects were also perfection. I loved how perfectly each song, each little tiny sound fit. The more I experienced Highway Blossoms, the more I felt the people who created this really, really cared.

I cannot possibly praise this visual novel experience enough.

The craziest thing is as perfect as the visual novel is now, the developers are working on a remaster! Best of all it’s going to be a free update! Voice acting will be added along with new art!

Part of me is worried that they might screw the whole thing up, but judging at how the original visual novel turned out, I have faith and am even more excited by the update.

There is an adult patch available for Highway Blossoms, but I don’t think it’s needed. Sure it’s great for those folks who want to see a bit more nudity, but the story and experience was perfect as is in my opinion. I haven’t installed it myself, but I am sure the adult version’s art is just as magnificent as the original.

The craziest surprise with Highway Blossoms is when you finish it, you unlock a different version of the story. I haven’t experienced this yet but I honestly plan to this weekend.

I know I am gushing here, but AlienWorks and Sekai Project created a masterpiece that deserves my praise and more.

I loved it. 

Finally, we need to talk about how criminally under priced Highway Blossoms is. At it’s base price of $9.99 Highway Blossoms is a STEAL! Yes, this is worth buying at full price. Don’t bother waiting for a steam sale. This is a long, long visual novel that never feels bloated or padded. Sure it could have ended in three or four spots before the ending happened, but the journey, Oh my gods, the journey is well worth the extra time. Stuff happens. Stuff that matters.

I loved it. 




Steam Achievements popping up always rip me out of the experience. I wish there was a way to disable the stupid things. I have no interest in them at all. Woo-Who! I made it to another arc in the story! So what? I really hate how distracting achievements are when I am immersed in games and visual novels.

The gallery controls cannot be hidden. So I can’t make nice looking screenshots for desktop backgrounds. Please fix this.








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