Do you like a good tower defense game? Then you should check out Legion TD 2 on Steam now! This standalone sequel to the popular Worldcraft III mod, Legion TD. Developed by two friends, it is the very first competitive tower defense game for PC. If you want to pit your skills against a player rather than the PC, you’ll want to check this out. Read more info below:

Legion TD 2

About Legion TD 2

Legion TD 2 is like a tower defense, but instead of building towers, you deploy dynamic fighters that come to life and move, attack, and cast spells automatically. The game is played by two teams of four. Defend your lane against waves of enemies and hire mercenaries to attack your opponents. To win, you must defeat the opposing team’s king before they defeat yours. From start to finish, a match lasts around 25 minutes.

Legion TD 2 Gif
Legion TD 2 is created by an indie team of 2: Brent ‘Lisk’ Batas and Julian ‘Jules’ Gari, who have been best friends since kindergarten. The project was successfully Kickstarted in 2016 and is self-funded and self-published. Despite being a small team, the duo clearly have the eye and attention to detail for a highly polished game. The game features 4v4 matchmaking, custom games, leaderboards, stat-tracking, reconnecting, anti-leaver/griefer detection, and many other features you might not expect from an indie game.

The game currently has 50 unique fighters, 4 playable legions, and Mastermind mode (randomized fighters) to test your game knowledge and adaptation. The developers have confirmed plans to design and release more fighters and legions, all of which come unlocked for players.

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