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How does this sound to you:

Rogue-like twin stick shooter with procedurally generated levels and timed modifiers that change the way the game is played.

Yep, sounds interesting to me too. Genetic Disaster is a coop action game with a lot of guns, interesting/weird characters and procedurally generated levels for (hopefully) lots of replay.

So far there are only two downsides here.

  1. They are touting friendly fire. I hate that. If there is an option to keep that off then I might be more interested.
  2. Steam Early Access….. So yea, this may never get finished. (That is me being overly dramatic)

That said this is actually looking pretty interesting. Check out the trailer as well as the Steam Store page description below:


Genetic Disaster is a cooperation action game with an appealing accessibility.

Play alone or team-up to 4 friends, on couch coop or through Internet, pick a character and try to run away from the mad mansion! Each of the 10 levels are procedurally generated. Hordes of enemies are waiting for you! Call your friends for help, but be careful, the mansion will adapt, for better or for worse.

Upgrade your hero at each level, to create your own gameplay style or to combine them with those from your mates: Do you need a tank or a berserker? It’s up to you!

  • The game will entirely adapt according to the number of players
  • Online and oncouch cooperation multiplayer, from 1 to 4 players
  • Levels are procedurally generated
  • Background and characters hand painted
  • More than 65 powerful and crazy weapons
  • 4 uniques characters with special abilities
  • Upgrade your hero over the levels
  • Controls especially designed for keyboard/mouse and gamepad

If the enemies will do anything to take you down, the mansion is as much hostile. Your progression will affect the entire level with huge mutators. Keep an eye on projectile on fire, explosives barrels, activation of frendly fire, and many more ways to cooperate! Kinda.

Fun right?

I love twin stick shooters. I love that the game is procedurally generated for replay and difficulty. I love that the weapon drops don’t seem stupidly randomized like some other twin stick shooters out there.

Lets hope that this game turns out to be as awesome as it is can. So far it looks pretty darned good to me. I am seriously considering requesting a review copy.

I’ll keep you updated.

Genetic Disaster Official Website

Genetic Disaster Facebook Page

Developer Team8 Studio Twitter







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