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Ehh… sort of.



It was OK but rushed.

Make sure to get volumes onetwothree and four first.

After last volume’s big reveal of an old villain coming back into the fray Tachibana Rintaro now has to deal with the fallout.


It was OK… ish


OK but a bit to rushed for me. This volume really, really went heavy on the comedy stuff and rushed through the fights. The problem was, the comedy was more miss than hit for me. I still enjoyed the volume, but it was definitely the weakest of the series so far.

There were to many jokes and way, way to many call outs. Because of this Dragons Rioting Volume 8 failed to get or keep me invested at all.

The fights are pretty big let downs. Each had a little bit of hype but in the end fizzled. We finally got to spend time with our glasses wearing dragon, but again, it felt rushed.

Worse the constant jokes and callouts just kneecapped it. That said, our time with her was kinda interesting, but it could have been better.

Next issue and yes, I know it’s a late one… but everyone loves Rin… I sort of saw this coming but Dragons Rioting is starting to feel like a phoned in harem manga. Everyone wants Rintaro and he has become the oblivious lead. The oblivious lead who never really gets character growth… I mean yea, it has been slowly happening, but I don’t think I can expect anymore.

I don’t like it.

For a series that played with some many tropes and cliches seeing it wholeheartedly embrace them as canon is very disappointing. I could also be being a bit too picky because it was just such a letdown.

Overall, this was a disjointed and disappointing entry into the Dragon Rioting Universe. I get the feeling that this manga is wrapping up soon. If the next volume is the last, I really wonder if will it end on a high point or a fizzle.

Honestly, I am a bit worried.






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