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A little while ago I made the glorious mistake of downloading the demo for Dragon Quest Builders. Several addicted hours later I was well on my way to creating my own tower of Sauron.

Ok, lemme take a few steps back here. I find Minecraft to be boring. Open world crafting games bore me horribly. I hate, hate, hate the ones that give you a gigantic manual in game when you start playing or need a Wikipedia page to complete. None of that is fun to me. That’s a black hole of lifelessness that I can’t afford to sink into even if I did find it fun.

And yet… I found myself really enjoying Dragon Quest Builders. 

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I discovered I could build separate floors that went over existing rooms. My tower was soon born.

Dragon Quest builders demo put limits on what you can do and turned an open world game into a sort of liner streamlined experience and it worked. It added in leveling, quests and simplified crafting. I adored it. It added in secret’ish areas and a MotherF*cking dragon and I was hooked.

Dragon Quest Builders is being delivered to my place tonight. 

Am I worried about losing myself to the game? Sorta, but not really. Well, OK… Maybe a little. I did make a gigantic tower in the demo and spent hours after I knew I experienced all the content exploring every nook and cranny that I could. This feels like a game that I can lose myself to and I honestly cannot afford to do that.


From what I can tell of the demo, it’s a finite experience. I am going to play it to complete the story and then (Try to) walk away. Sure I may come back to it from time to time, but I don’t have the time for that sorta thing. I do have time for an open world RPG that will allow me to build my tower of doom and level up.

The game world looks great and I found myself just stopping to admire the view. From the swamps to the various islands to the awesome night effects, this is a pretty game.

Combat was simple, but fun and the crafting seems sane compared to similar games. Speaking of combat OMG the enemies are just floating balls of nostalgia for me! I love the designs!

One down side I can mention is the story and characters from the demo were annoying. I’m honestly worried about that. Every character I met in game including the protagonist was a jerk so far… I hope I don’t end up abandoning Dragon Quest Builders because I hate the story telling.

All in all Dragon Quest Builders was a surprisingly fun and addictive experience despite the problems I had with it. Heck, I enjoyed it so much I bought the game for my Nintendo Switch knowing I may, end up being hopelessly addicted to it.

I’ll keep you posted!




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