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Let’s just pretend this never happened ok?


Volume 9 ends the series in a pathetic whimper.

Every once in a while a manga will end in a flaming train wreck of a way that just gets worse and worse until the inevitable crash.

Usually it gets canceled.

Other times plays out in spectacular fail that is almost as engrossing as it is bad. Fans of said series stick around just to see how it ends. Hoping, desperately, that it improves. Hoping, that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, this is a case of the fail train that crashes.

Dragons Rioting volume 9 is a fast paced train wreck of fail that took all the problems of the last volume, laughed and then turned up the fail to 15. Bad jokes take over the entire volume. Jokes run on way, way, way too long. The fights are gigantic jokes that aren’t even funny. I guess it half makes sense for a manga that made jokes of fight manga cliches would have it’s final fights be jokes. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work. The fights and jokes are just bad. The character interaction is meh. The writing runs off with stupid situations and cliches.

Even worse, there are no character resolutions that matter. It just sorta ends. Badly.

There really isn’t anything good here.

Even the layout of the manga fails. Two page spreads are continually cut off here. It’s frustrating to try and make it work on a kindle, I can’t image how bad it is in print.

Lets just pretend the last two volumes never happened and the series ended via random cancellation. To think that what I just endured was planned ending makes me very sad. 

I gave this review a week to digest because it was so bad. Had I reviewed this after I read it, this review would have been way to salty. As is, I take it as a massive disappointment and failure. While I am sad that Dragons Rioting has ended, I am happy that it ended instead of continuing down this dark sad path of fail.

Avoid this. 







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