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IS I Don’t Like That Smile Vol.1






This wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good.

Poor pacing, lazy writing and mediocre art made this manga hard to get into.

We start off with a protagonist who is hating her situation and suffering in silence. There are rumors flying around the school calling her a slut. We find her being shunned and bullied by the other girls. The boys also don’t seem to think very highly of her. The author does a great job establishing a realistic and screwed up high school situation for her. Unfortunately, the ball drops with everything else.

The manga suffers from the less is more approach to character development and dialog and it really kneecaps this experience. It’s just a depressing slog of a read that really feels as if it has no real point. I don’t like that smile volume 1 feels as if it’s the first half of a volume before things start to get hopefully interesting…

But it just sorta ends. 

Making matters worse, is the art that does a piss poor job of making any of the characters stand out. At one point the love interest seems to melt into a crowd of guys who all have very, very, very similar faces.

It’s lazy. 

I feel like I’ve read and seen this story one hundred times before and every one of those times the story managed to be told better. This feels like someones first time writing and drawing a manga and they copy pasted the plot, characters, and art from a hundred other, better, manga and just phoned it in.

Let us not ignore the poor translation and writing.

It’s bad.

At $2.99 this is horribly overpriced. Honestly, this should be a free manga posted online that evolves with its author. As is, there isn’t anything worthwhile here to justify buying this mess.


Avoid it. 



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