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IS ShineG In The Zombies WORTH YOUR TIME?






ShineG In The Zombies is a 2D endless side-scrolling zombie shooting game. You don’t jump or have platforms, you just endlessly go left and right. Besides shooting, the only action you can take is rolling on the ground to dodge attacks.

To survive the endless onslaught you can buy upgrades with money earned by killing zombies and zombie bosses. Each area is gated literally by giant doors that you need money to unlock. The longer you play and farther you go the stronger the weapons usually get to buy as you go on.


There is some randomness to the game that can cause you to have runs where you will find weak sucky weapon after weak sucky weapon. Others will have tons of weapons but are light on health upgrades and purchasable powerups. This randomness keeps you on your toes as you run through the game over and over again.

Some runs have lots of stations that allow you to buy bombs that rain down from a kiosk area that you can strategically use on large packs of zombies. Others may only have one or two but lots of special currency stations.

Special currency?

Yeppers, this kinda feels freemium, but don’t worry it’s not.

ShineG In The Zombies has a special currency that you can spend in the main menu before runs to buy a flying robot assistant that follows you and shoots enemies along side you.

This is a HUGE help!

The additional firepower is a godsend early on and helps make farming more of the special resource much easier. It’s also useful later on when fighting off hordes of zombies to have that extra bit of firepower to take out the waves or help save precious ammo.


Sounds great! But why do you sorta recommend it?

I get that this is a roguelike game in that every run’s power-ups are just for that run, but it would be soooooooo much better for me if I could upgrade powerups, guns and my robots with the special currency. As is, the grind for the currency feels weird. The best robot guns are super expensive to get but sometimes the grind to get them feels way too punishing. At times this feels like a freemium game.

Later on in ShineG In The Zombies levels feel way to darn punishing and money intake and weapon power doesn’t seem to be able to keep up. Mastering your dodge roll helps, but it’s still pretty frustrating. Sure, I get that there is no winning here, but it feels overwhelming way to fast sometimes. This is again thanks to the randomness of ShineG In The Zombies.

The creepy reward…

OK. So here is the big offputting thing about ShineG In The Zombies for me. The better you play the game you are rewarded by getting screens of the heroine in various states of undress….where she looks scared and is crying and is trying to cover herself up…

You also have the ability to go to a gallery and see your unlocked creepy, creepy pics.


Look, I get it. I get that a lot of games reward players with titillating images to reward playing well. Sex sells. I get that and am honestly OK with it. That said, this feels kinda rapey and pretty wrong. Yea, yea, I know it’s just a drawing, but it’s just still weird to be rewarded with these pics.

The gameplay is fun and all in an every once in a while sorta way, but whenever I unlock a new state of undress I just find myself feeling like a bit of a creeper.


Final thoughts:

So yea… Good game for on and off gameplay. Reminds me of a simpler and watered down Zombie Kill of The Week Reborn. That is a compliment because Zombie Kill Of The Week Reborn is an amazing game. That said, I want permanent progression and less of the annoying special currency.

That said, it’s only 2 bucks and it is really good for on and off again gameplay. It’s easy enough to get into that you can come back to it in a few days or months and be able to jump back in. So yea, if you don’t mind the downsides and love killing zombies as much as I do, give it a try.




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