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Monday Macro: The Fly In The Garden


One of the things I really wanted to do once we get our Sony A6500 was to do some macro pictures. After Bernardo and I finally hunkered down and spent the $1,000+ on our 90mm macro lens, we finally were able to take some pretty amazing pictures. At first it started with flowers. Sure that was nice and all, but I really wanted to take some bug pictures.

Turns out, taking pictures of things like ants or spiders is tough! Actually, macro itself is tough because you have to get in nice and tight. But because of that, even with a bigger depth of field, you can’t really get everything in focus even at something like f12.

After taking several pictures of bee butts and blurry ants, I changed focus to the local flies.


I mean, normally I’m not a big fly person either, but they’re actually pretty easy to photograph. They don’t move nearly as much as bees or ants, they’re fairly large and aren’t too skittish even if you get up close to them.

With that said, it still took around 10-12 pictures to get this one. It might not be the prettiest subject, but I thought it came out really well. I like how the sunlight gives it that iridescent green and you can see the hairs on its legs. I was able to get this with the auto focus, but from everything I’ve heard, manual is generally better as you can then focus on each specific area so you can later stack the images for a perfectly¬† in-focus macro. As cooperative as flies are, they’re still not one to sit still for too long, so you gotta get the shot when you can. Maybe later on we’ll catch and freeze some insects for better pictures. Until then, this is definitely a picture I’m proud of.






Camera: Sony a6500

Lens: Sony SEL90M28G FE 90mm f/2.8-22 Macro G OSS



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