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Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 1


I’ve got this friend. This pal of mine has an adorable habit of always steering the conversation to Tokyo Ghoul. Most of their posts on social media, their fave cosplays, the fan art, all Tokyo Ghoul. It got to a point that I said I’d read it.

Now, Tokyo Ghoul has been on my radar for a while now. I’ve seen cosplayers in the silly masks that always made me giggle. I’ve recently seen the popularity of the conversations around it come back. Of course, the biggest reason is my pal Death of The Self. I figured that if I really wanted to get to know them, and I very much do, it wouldn’t hurt to get into their fave manga. Granted, my good ole pal spoiled most of the big things that happen so I went into this not really expecting much.

So I started Tokyo Ghoul…

Then I found out I started the wrong Tokyo Ghoul.

I started Tokyo Ghoul:Re… Which is the sequel to what I was supposed to start reading. So, of course, I was totally lost and lost interest. Fast forward a bit and I finally bought the first volume…..

I really loved it. Despite, knowing the big twists. Knowing all the character spoilers, I loved this first volume. I was/am hooked. The writing is pretty much perfect. The art is frigging amazing. It’s just an all-around winner and I am honestly shocked by this.

When I announced on Instagram that I was starting the series I got several messages from friends and followers telling me that I would love it and how much they loved it. That was a first. And yet, they were right.

Tokyo Ghoul takes place in a Modern Tokyo that is under siege by mysterious man-eating monsters. The story is seemingly straightforward at first. The characters seemed pretty generic and honestly a bit boring. But as the volume went on, a few predictable things happened and then it went off the rails. Good and evil got skewed and character development really ramped up. In the end, I found myself faced with a cliffhanger and damnit I was already hooked.

I immediately bought the very next volume.

I loved that one as well.

Then the following three volumes…

I’m a bit addicted now.

If you are looking for a manga series that is made for adults, pulls no punches and yet doesn’t overdo it, this is for you. If you are looking for a dark completed new series to fall in love with, this is for you. If you wanna know if this series lives up to the hype, I can honestly say after binge reading and chain buying the first five volumes on my Kindle in a single day, yes it is.

I am now very, very hooked and excitedly waiting to read the rest of the series come next payday.












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