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When I needed some pop in my day…


Sometimes flowers seem kinda plain. Still beautiful, but kind of plain. It’s OK. Sometimes that simple beauty is just as amazing as the more complex looking flowers.

Sometimes that’s all you need. 


That’s where these pictures of this flower comes in.

One boring weekday afternoon during a boring day of work, I was walking around outside of my office with my 35mm lens desperately looking for some beauty. Block after block of the same damn flowers around all the trees. For an overpriced neighborhood, the upper East side can be really boring to look at.

It was one of those days where I was exhausted with the mundane. I had been looking at Excel sheets for days. I was getting a lot done, but feeling like I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

Finally, thankfully, as I was walking back to work, I came across a garage that had a fancy brick wall next to it lined with flowers. On the very edge of that wall was this bright flower that just seemed to stand out. Everything else next to it was the same damn flower, I’d seen planted around the 15 or so blocks I was exploring, but then there was this. This awesome sight that screamed out to me: “special”.

It was a Pink Saucer Anemone.

Pink Saucer Anemone

It was at the very corner edge of the wall. Begging for attention. It looked awesome. Best of all, the light was good enough that I was able to do some closer and finally macro shots.


These pics made my day.

Pink Saucer Anemone

Pink Saucer Anemone

These pics saved my day.

I loved finding this gem. I loved being able to get such a crazy sharp shots with my 35mm lens. I loved the looks the locals were giving me and I was fawning over the flowers no one else was paying attention to. No one else cared about.

But that all made it that much more awesome. 

I don’t know what it is, but going out, finding shots that inspire me just really helps me deal with the mundane of the 9 to 5. Really helps me feel re-energized and productive. Sure, I got all my work done. Sure, I am being a productive adult, but ugh… I need to shoot. I need to create. I need to find some awesome and capture it.

I think I got the photography bug…



Camera: Sony A6500

Lens: Rokinon AF 35mm f/1.4




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