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That one word brings back all sorts of feelings of nostalgia and just epicness. I dare say that it was the pinnacle of World of Warcraft story telling and cut scenes that mattered to me. Yes, even more than Arthas’s fall at Icecrown.

No other event, ever, in game has ever tied together so many threads. Has ever felt like an epic moment with real and lasting stakes that really left a mark in the game for long times players. It was the first and last time World of Warcraft succeeded in creating a character arc in game that really resonated with players.


Ugh, I remember questing with Bolvar. I remember seeing his heroic actions first hand and being wowed. I remember the epicness of the Wrathgate and knowing there was something epic about to happen… Boy was I not disappointed.

Now, the amazing, and I mean, amazing machinama group IKedit has remastered the amazing cinematic and breathed new life into my dying love of World of Warcraft. Before Ion Hazzikostas started destroying my fave game world, we had Wrathgate. Check out IKedit‘s amazing work below:


God…. The feels.


Normally, this is where I’d tell you to support us on Patreon… I can’t do that right now. Not after what IKedit has done. Not after you check out the mind blowing content they have created on YouTube. I’m serious, it’s insane.

Today, in this post, I beg you, please, go support IKedit on Patreon. They deserve it.

Please Support IKedit on Patreon

Please Support IKedit on Patreon


IKedit on YouTube

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