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I was in a shit mood.

Friday…Friday was not a good day for me. 

I spent the weekend recovering a bit and then Sunday, I had to go out for some air. Sunday was one of those days where I was happy on the outside and an emotional overthinking mess on the inside. It wasn’t fun, but it was happening. I know better than to just give up when the going gets tough. That’s life, and the one thing you can’t do in life is just stop and give up. So there I was, out and about, trying to get some fresh air to help with my cold, get my mind off my stressors and plan on what to do next.

Outwardly, I was doing everything right.


On the inside though… Fuck…


What am I going to do?



A lot of that.


So we walked. To my surprise this weekend Jas cancelled her plans and helped me deal with the new drama in my life and it helped. We walked. We talked. I pretended for her. I pretended for me. I appreciated that I was able to pretended for her, even though I, I know really didn’t need to pretend for her. It forced me to rationalize more than I normally would have. To deal faster than I would have, had she not stuck around with me.

She helped.

She prodded me to grab my camera and go outside for some air. Along the way we found new things in my beloved neighborhood to snap photos of, found some new spots for shots, and just explored the same area but with a fresh set of eyes.

I don’t know why, but being in a bad space mentally, always made me appreciate the beauty of the world more. To slow down and take it all in. The skies seem more colorful, the world, more interesting, things slow down as I do and I appreciate it all more. For some insane, insane reason, I was walking us toward the water. It was actually freezing outside and I have a serious cold, and yet, I was being inexplicably drawn to the waterfront.

What awaited me, besides the friged wind, was an insane view that too my breath away. Along with my body heat.


Here I am, lamenting my life, my successes and failures and yet, the world is this beautiful.

I felt better. 

It is going to be OK. 


I stopped despite the cold and took a ton of pics, trying and failing, but still trying nonetheless to get the shot that I am sharing with you today.

I felt better. I felt productive. I felt thankful.


I needed the fresh air. I needed to make content I was proud of. I was thankful for being able to live in a place that has this much beauty nearby and to be with someone who pushes me when I need it.

I find that when things get rough in life, they get clearer. I appreciate more. People, places, things that make me happy, I appreciate them all the more. Perspective gets sharper. People who matter to me step up and everyone else falls away.

I’ll go as far as to say, sometimes, bad things and times and life are needed for me to stop, take stock and move forward, better than before. You will never know your friends and loved ones as well as you do when the going gets tough.

You will never appreciate what you have as much as when you realize it’s all that you’ve earned and got left.

I’m not in a great place right now. But I’m OK, and going to be OK. Now as I finish this post, I’m glad about Friday, and happy to be where I am at today. I spent the weekend resting, recuperating, healing, taking stock and getting better.

Friday, Friday was the end of a chapter for me. A chapter that is done and I am happy to be done with.

Now, Monday, this is the start of a new chapter, a chapter I am going to make sure is better than the last.


Happy Monday!



Camera: Sony a7III

Lens: Rokinon AF 35mm f/1.4

ISO: 64

F-Stop: 3.5

SS: 1/100



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