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In 2017 we were lucky enough to check out the Five Points Festival and had a great time. The art that was available to buy was mindbogglingly amazing. They had a huge selection of quirky collectable figurines and toys that I couldn’t even imagine. Really far out there cool stuff.  Sadly, we just couldn’t make it there in 2019 but 2019 is a sure thing.

Five Points Festival is a fun mash up of art, toys, and craft beer curated by Clutter Magazine. Held in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint Neighborhood, Five Points is two days and nights of really interesting indie creators being highlighted. Don’t expect crazy concerts, panels or events. Besides a few associated parties and an awards ceremony, it’s just about shopping for awesome art and collectibles.

Trust me, the art is friggin amazing. We were in shock of how awesome everything was in 2017. Our pals who went in 2018 loved it. So, there are very, very high hopes for this event.

Expect tons of pics soon!


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