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Ever see two characters that you know would be perfect for each other but so far nothing has happened yet? Yea, I feel that way with My Hero Academia’s Shoto Todoroki and Mina Ashido or what I want to call Shoto x Mina.

For some reason a while ago I noticed in the manga that Mina really has her eye on him. Always checking him out and always commenting on the icy/hot pretty boy’s looks. Fast forward to a recent arc and all of a sudden, he has been noticing her! I’m not going to spoil anything here, it was a throwaway comment, but OMFG(!) shipping fireworks started going off hard! Shoto x Mina is real!

So I commissioned a good friend of mine Death of The Self or as I know her, Margarita to use her awesome artist skills to make the Shoto x Mina ship happen. I scouted about a dozen or so pictures of couples being couples and landed on a few for inspiration. After chatting and talking a lot with Margarita we came up with a vision. Then it came down to outfits, accessories and so fourth.

Then one day, outta nowhere, Margarita called and told me she was making the Shoto X Mina  piece and she was live streaming it. It was insane because I was able to see my vision come to life.  As she was drawing it I was sending her examples of jewelry and then giving my feedback and boom, she was able to make the magic happen. Watching her work was amazing. Towards the middle of it I told her I have complete faith in her abilities and wanted her to finish the rest of Shoto x Mina on her own. I was not disappointed.

Check out the results:


Shoto x Mina Original by Death Of The Self & Nardio


OMFG, I love my pal. Death of The Self did Shoto x Mina PERFECTLY.

So after talking about the ship with Margarita and my idea for a new series we really brainstormed it. Besides being a fantastic person and cosplayer and artist, she also happens to be a huge My Hero Academia fan girl and OMG do we have chats about it every time there is a new chapter. When I brought the ship up were went over it for a good long while and then went into why it makes perfect sense.

Because of course it does!

Here we have the hottest guy in the class raised by straight edge strict parents and a family that is very clean cut and classically Japanese. He is a minimalist and reserved person. Now we have this free spirit beautiful woman who demands attention and also happens to be a kick ass hero in training. He is the hottest guy in class, she is arguably the hottest girl. Unlike the rest of the young women in his class, she is there to have fun as well as becoming a hero. If there is anything our boy Shoto needs in his life is fun. Sure there are ships with him and the other classmates, but those women all fit his family’s norm. I think Shoto would want someone different, someone fun, someone his dad might not approve of. Someone he can learn to enjoy life with. And he has been noticing Mina.

Mina of course has very much had her eyes on Shoto since day one. I don’t thing she would mind at all ending up with him and loosening him up some.


So what is this post about?

Well, a few things.

  1. I wanted for a long time to highlight talented artists on Nardio. Creators who can put the pen to paper and make magic who deserved recognition.
  2. I wanted to create new content to promote not only Nardio but also creators like Margarita.
  3. I needed something awesome to give away!

Yep, that is right! We will be giving away large prints of this awesome piece of Shoto x Mina art at upcoming cons this year as well as on Instagram!!!

This romantic ship post ties together our Februrary Month Of Love Posts and leads us into Nardio’s anniversary month! Yep, March marks 7 years of Nardio!

So for cons, first we will start at the amazing Castle Point Anime Convention. If we see a couple shipping Shoto x Mina they get a print! We will also be giving our a few more at our discretion as well as giving a few away to the CPAC staff to use as prizes. All copies will be signed by Death of The Self!

Next on Instagram we will give away 5 prints at random to people who follow us and Death Of The Self on Instagram and like the picture. So be sure to follow us on Instagram as well as our good pal Death Of The Self.

Now I am excited! Am I going to see people bring this cosplay to life at a con?!?!?!?!

I sure hope so because I’d love to capture this as a picture!




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