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Tohru & Elma at Castlepoint Anime Convention


Ages ago, when I discovered the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid anime I contacted Leaves From The Vine cosplay and told her she must watch it and of course afterwards cosplay it. Thankfully she agreed on both parts.

I was delighted to know she loved the show and characters as much as I did. We chatted post binge watch about possible cosplay characters and shoots and groups and I mentioned she needed to get/drag VSol cosplay into this as Elma. I of course wanted Leaves From The Vine to be Tohru.

miss kobayashi's dragon maid Cosplay

Something about that character when I watched the show immediately made me think of her.

Fast forward a few months and to my great delight they were both in cosplay and it was magnificent.

Check out the many pics below:

Dragon Maid Tohru & Elma

Dragon Maid Tohru Cosplay

Dragon Maid Elma Cosplay


I loved this soooooo much. My only regret was that I was only able to shoot this at a con. Cosplays of this caliber deserve and entire day of shooting. I was overwhelmed with ideas and am positively giddy with excitement at shooting Dragon Maid cosplays in the future. I have so many ideas!

Be sure to check both cosplayers out on social media at the links below and of course check out Castle Point Anime Convention. I love that con so much! The staff is great, the location is easy to get to and the community is amazing.

Of course you should attend so if you don’t have your tickets yet, buy them now here!


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