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Why don’t we see more photos of dying flowers?

Aren’t they still beautiful? Don’t they still evoke a sense of wonder and fascination from us?

I’ve always wondered why people shunned dying flowers. From the start they are meant to wilt, wither and fall. More often than not my experiences with flowers were always the cut variety. We never had many flowers growing in the South Bronx when I was growing up. They were mostly for funerals, but every once in a while they were around for a happy occasion. People would be overjoyed to get them, to take stock and appreciate them. Endeavored to find a nice pot and to place them somewhere prominent. Until they started to die…

Then people didn’t want to look at them. As if they were the embodiment of a bad omen. Bringing bad luck and reminding them of the inevitability of the end. Flowers always puzzled me.

Why give such a temporary gift?

Why throw them away the moment they started to fade?

I still thought they looked nice. Heck, I was fascinated by the changes they would undertake as they started to wilt. Sometimes they would look even more interesting to me.

I remember the first time I came across purposely dried flowers and found myself enthralled! Why didn’t we do this will all the flowers that were gifted?

Fast forward to my teenage years and adulthood and I found I was never really OK with giving flowers. Something about the fleeting beauty and happiness that was destined to end in shunned disappointment never felt right to me. Later on, to my delight, the first time I ever gave flowers to a woman I was dating, she purposely dried them out as soon as they started to wilt and kept them for years. After that, I was a bit better about flowers as gifts and appreciating them.

Fast forward another 20 years and I love flowers. I still know next to nothing about them but as a photographer they are an endless source of fascination and inspiration. various lenses, angels, shooting styles and even stages of growth and wilting are all endless sources of enjoyment for me. It also really helps that Jasmine is a huge flower nerd and her excitement about them is infectious. I’m always happily surprised when she knows the names of flowers I’ve never seen before.

20 + years of people appreciating flowers and I still notice that most people discard flowers the second the initial beauty fades. Even local gardens toss flowers as soon as they start to wilt. It’s weird. Thankfully, my favorite local garden leaves em up from start to finish and back again. Laguardia Corner Garden is amazing. Below is a picture of a Toad Lilly that fascinated the heck out of me that I found in said garden.

Fading Beauty The end of the Toad Lilly

It’s going to fall apart soon. It’s damaged, its missing parts and its still beautiful to me.

Look at those colors. Look at the contrast. Appreciate the shape.

There is beauty here and I love it.

I hope you do to.


Camera: Sony A6500

Lens: Sony SEL90M28G FE 90mm f/2.8-22 Macro

F stop: 6.03

ISO: 1000

Speed: 1/200




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