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This looks very, very , very familiar…


I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Polyroll is heavily inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog games. So much so by what is being shared on social media that it feel’s clone like. I don’t like that.

I wish the devs tried harder to create a unique visual style and shared the differences more on twitter so that Polyroll was able to be viewed as it’s own game, albeit obviously influenced by the classics. I worry that they are giving off a bad impressions by being overly influenced, to put it lightly.

On the other hand, part of me is instantly smitten with it because they took, and took and took and recreated the games I loved O soo much. After looking at the preview for one of the worlds that I linked above, I am seeing a lot of new touches added and differences from the original games I remember.

Looking at the screen shots and gifs are filling me with nostalga and do really make me want to play the game. That said, I find myself over thinking that I might be supporting a clone. Polyroll is riding teetering on that fine line between paying homage and ripping off. Then again, if they didn’t do that, maybe I wouldn’t have paid attention.

It’s crazy how this all works. Indie game devs need to stand out and get attention, so I get it. I also get that the devs may have just wanted to recreate and or pay homage to games that are very dear to them.

Anywho, Polyroll has me curious.

Check out the Steam description below:


Relive the early 90s in this Amiga/Dos inspired Run n’ Roll Platformer!

The evil Kaiser Kiwi has kidnapped Polyroll’s friends and taken them to his Frigid Castle Lair. As the last remaining Polyroll, you must run, jump, roll, float, and bomb your way through a variety of bizarre environments to save them and defeat Kaiser Kiwi.

  • Over 30 stages of retro-platforming action!
  • Defeat nefarious bosses!
  • Power up with a variety of special abilities, including bombs, spike shields, and the feather float!
  • Track down the hidden gold gems to unlock new paths through the game!
  • Save feature lets you pick up where you left off and revisit past levels!
  • Download straight to your hard disk with your 14.4k modem, no floppies required!


I’m going to buy it when It comes out while hoping for the best. That said, if this gets shut down by Sega, I’m not going to be surprised.


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