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Croixleur Sigma


Croixleur Sigma


Croixleur Sigma is a fast paced action packed hack and slash game that is making it’s way to the Nintendo Switch. It’s already out on Steam with mostly positive reviews.

Croixleur Sigma has bee on my wishlist for a while now and the ability to play it on my Switch made this jump from a wishlisted game to a must have. I love hack and slashes and from everything good and bad that I read from the Steam reviews this is going to be perfect for me.

The only downside, according to the Steam reviews is the game is a bit on the short side. That said thanks to the extra modes there seems to be a good amount of replay.

Find out more from the press release

About The Game

Croixleur Sigma is coming March 28th to the Nintendo Switch, boasting additional features and
thrilling high-speed hack & slash action.
This 360-degrees high-speed action is filled with exhilaration and has been highly evaluated
across different platforms. Choose one of four girls and defeat a series of monsters occupying
a variety of different arenas using various combos, speedy dashes and aerial attacks.
Select up to four weapons to change up your look and combo style with various special moves.
In addition to the thrilling action, character customisation is available, allowing you to dress up
your character with cat ears, glasses, headphones etc. Each item containing its own special
effects to enhance combat.

In the Switch release, all extra costumes are bundled in, including the maid outfit, school
uniform and a variety of collaboration costumes from other games such as the 2.5D SHMUP
title Astebreed.

In addition, to the Story Mode, Communication Mode, Score Attack Mode, Survival Mode,
Dungeon Mode, and Training Mode have also been included, allowing a fuller and deeper
experience of the Croixleur Sigma universe.

Pre-purchase Croilxleur Sigma on the eShop for a 40% discount!
EU eShop: Pre-purchase available from March 14th.
NA eShop: Pre-purchase available from March 21st.


Wielding magical blades, four girls fight back encroaching waves of monsters in this
exhilarating hack & slash action game! Featuring various battle styles and a variety of weapons
to mix and match (up to four) to develop your own unique fighting style.
Story Mode centers on the four girls’ cute and quirky friendship, and is fully voiced in

Japanese. You can also slash your heart out in Score Attack, Challenge Mode, weapon-
swapping Dungeon Mode, and various other play modes!

A huge range of accessories is also available, including Cat Ears, Glasses, Headphones, and
more to keep your girls looking stylish while also buffing up their fighting skills!

Croixleur Sigma Outfits


Title: Croixleur Sigma
Genre: High-speed Hack & Slash Action
Price: $19.99 $11.99, 40% off pre-purchase
Release Date: March 28, 2019
Languages: English, Japanese
Publisher: PLAYISM
Developer: Souvenir circ.


Playism Website

Playism Twitter

Croixleur Sigma Steam Page






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