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That Game No One Shut Up About: Turok


I never played it.

I’m not going to be that guy who played all the “classics” I didn’t really like Nintendo 64 back when it was out so I avoided most of the games. Sure, later on I found a few gems but man o man did I hate that controller. Also, the games looked ugly. Like, really, really ugly.

Then there was this whole, Turok game.


Shooting a cyborb T-Rex shooting a lazer out of its friggin robot eye!

You shot at people and dinosaurs and people on dinosaurs, and dinosaurs with guns, etc, etc, etc. It was all over the place and yet oddly, none of my friends with a Nintendo 64 owned it. It was supposed to be the best Doom clone ever made. At least that is how I remember the hype.

Decades pass and it comes and goes from the public eye. I think there were some sequels and remakes but it never really mattered to me.

Until now.


Cause it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Yep, I look forward to seeing how this “classic” is. Now, granted, this is an old, old, old game. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be cumbersome. I’m pretty sure I’m going to hate it. But damned it all am I curious. It’s going to be $29.00 when it releases, which seems kiiiiiiinda steep for a game older than most of the people I photograph these days. That said, this is a “classic” and I’m sure it costs money to port these things. Also, and I know that most people don’t believe this, devs need to eat. Yea, I know…

That said, you can get it now, and cheaper on Steam:

I think I’m going to get this on my Switch. My laptop is pretty powerful, but I don’t really game on here much. I’d rather do it on my TV. I also like the idea of taking this game with me to hotels this con season!



Nintendo’s Turok Switch Page

Night Dive Studio Website





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