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This looks really, really interesting. A restaurant management puzzle game that builds out like a machine and seems to have a senses of humor? I’m in!

Developed by Team 17, Automachef has you building Rube Goldberg like machines to make fast food. It looks like the longer you play the more and more complex it all gets.

I’m excited for this one.


Automachef is coming out soon for Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Check out the Steam description:

What’s Automachef all about?

Automachef is a resource management puzzler where as a new manager you’ll design kitchens, program machinery and watch your hard work (and genius) come to life!

The time has come to engineer the kitchens of tomorrow, today!

What challenges do players face?

First and foremost, you’ll be designing and building automated restaurants of varying size and scale to satisfy the hunger based needs of your customers.

Not only do you have to construct your kitchens, but you’ll also need to program them!

This means that you’ll be dealing with intricate spatial, scenario and resource management-based puzzles. Oh and try not to burn the kitchen down in the process…

How many modes are there?

Automachef will launch with three different modes:

Campaign: Rise through the restaurant ranks in this challenging story mode. Go from restaurant to restaurant, building your fast food empire in increasingly puzzling scenarios.

Contracts mode: Take a step back from the restaurant floor and instead design money saving kitchen blueprints from clients in the business world. Can your designs bring in riches?

Sandbox Test mode: Practice your builds and designs for use in Campaign and Contracts Mode or spend some time building the kitchen of your wildest dreams, the choice is yours in this free-play mode!

Who’s that robotic looking guy?

That “robotic looking guy” is the protagonist of our story and your mentor, Robert Person. Robert is 100% definitely a human. Don’t ask questions.




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