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Swag and Sorcery Review


Is Swag and Sorcery Worth Your Time?

No, not really.

Ehhhh, It really depends on how much you like unbelievably grindy/idle games and if you own a second monitor. 



Take the grindest, if grindy free to play mobile games, then take out the fast ways to get currency by in app purchases and ads. Then, take a clicker game and take out basically all the automation. Then, add in a light sprinkling of RPG elements and 1,000 massive heapings of RNG of everything possible. O, and no real story. 


Then, only then, do you begin to approach the shallow grindhell of Swag and Sorcery.


This is a fucking mess. 

I feel like the effort that went into a story that would have redeemed this game was wasted. I’m assuming it was thrown away, on the horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible excuse for a writer and an even more horrible voice actors. What is left is a painful to endure aexperiance, not just for it’s horrible story, but also because of the annoying mashup of free to play gaming fail forced into a game without the free to play speed up mechanics. This mess, will only, only appeal to people with a lot of time on there hands, zero expectations and…….. a  second monitor.
IF, you can stomach all the bad, and O my fucking god are there bads, AND have a second monitor, then, only then, can this be somewhat passable as background fodder. 
I love grindy games, but Swag and Sorcery was too much, but for the sake of this review and feeding into my OCD nature, I soldered on. As time went on, I honestly was a bout to give up since it was a waste of time. Maybe, if Swag and Sorcery was on my iPad, like it feels like it should be, I could get stuff done and then I remembered my second monitor collecting dust. Then, as I went on about my life, I endured the rest of the game.
It wasn’t worth it.
The fashion aspect, which is the big selling point of this game is beyond asinine and doesn’t work well at all. I gave up on it and focused on beating the game. It just doesn’t work well at all with how this game as designed. As you can see from the picture above, you can beat the story of the game without bothering with the stupid dress up function. Unfortunately, a I still have a bunch of quests to do and some of them seem bugged. For example, I have a quest to give one of my NPC’s an item, but it never registers as completed… This is pretty common in game.
Overall, most of Swag and Sorcery is horribly explained and much of it is just never explained. Shit games like this feel like they are the product of lazy developers, who figured some lifeless sod will make a free wiki for them. It’s fucking annoying on every level, but, if you have a second monitor and are able to do two things at one, all of sudden Swag and Sorcery goes from a flaming garbage fire to something stupid in the background.
Make no mistake, on it’s own, Swag and Sorcery is a fucking shit game that plays like it came from the worst parts of free to play mobile. It really, really, feels like this is going mobile later on and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if gems or whatever free to play bullshit is added later on.
Yep, this is the worst sort of shit game on it’s own.
That said, as a free distraction, as a distraction that has meager bits of progression, it’s serviceable. Unfortunately, everyone else has to pay for it. See, I was given a review copy. 

If I paid for this, I’d be fucking livid. 

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