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OK, during WoW’s 10th Anniversary, players got a special level-cap version of Molten Core and a revamped Tarren Mill vs. Southshore battleground. Best of all, we also got a Molten Corgi pet just for logging on. Add to this, a mount if you beat Molton Core and chance at a pet and we had a sweet little experience.

I still wanted more.

I’d like to see revamped special event dungeons, world bosses and all the raids this time around. All the raids!
Imagine, now seriously, imagine, what if, all of the previous expansions raids were raised to level cap. ALL OF THEM!
Players are bored with the game now, how about being able to play all the past raids in raid finder and normal modes! Players from the glorious Wrath and Pandalana days can relive all the old raids together. I can totally imagine players resubbing to play old fave raids with friends and family.
Imagine if Blizzard adds some caverns of times dungeons!

World of Warcraft needs buzz, it needs to hearken back to the good old days. It needs to bring back lost subs and reinvigorate the community. Sure, on the one hand, making all of these dungeons and raids max level would take a bit of oomph out of the current end raid and that is going to piss off a lot of the cutting edge folks. THEN AGAIN, World of Warcraft isn’t going to please everyone, BUT having the ability to have I dozens of end level max level raids again would make for a very, very busy raid night. Imagine if all that gear scaled up ALONG with the tier bonuses!?!?!?!?!?!

You would have players mixing gear for this and that and that and this and the results would be insane.

So yea, throw balance out with the kitchen sink and let’s go crazy with the anniversary event. Sure, this won’t fit with the current story being told, but the current story being told makes no sense and a lot of players have already tuned out or unsubbed. So why not go full tard and bring in all the content. For the next few months at least raid nights would be insane and there would always be something to do.

Even better:
Add new mounts and pets to all the max level dungeons. Give players reasons to go back and keep rerunning things.





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