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Rise of Azshara

I’m honestly meh about this.

Battle for Azeroth has been a huge miss/disappointment for us. The story being told is a convoluted, disjointed mess. The new characters are shallow and boring. The established characters continue to be written out of character. Character power levels in game are baffelingly out of sink. The world feels much smaller than it actually is. The open world gameplay is pitifully easy and the azerite system is just bad. Sure, there are some good parts to the expansion, but they are lost in all the bad.

This is after the disjointed meh of of Legion and the utter failure of Warlords of Dranor.

World of Warcraft is in trouble with me. Not only, me, but with a lot of it’s player base. The servers are emptier and emptier. Most of my friends have quit out of boredom.


Lot’s of reason, but for now, lets talk about Rise of Azshara.

This is Battle for Azeroths first huge content patch. We are getting two new zones (That look small) to explore, conquer and grind in. New currencies need farming. New loot and mounts to be earned. Huge changes to the Heart of Azeroth and hopefully more. I want to be excited by this, but I just can’t. Nothing really sounds super interesting here. That said, it’s enough for me to reinstall the game and give it another try.

I love the World of Warcraft. It’s an interesting world, created by talented and passionate people. The last few years have honestly been disappointing, but there were always bright spots. I’m hoping Rise of Azshara brings back that fun and wonder that WoW used to have for me. If not, well, it’s getting close to being permanently deleted.

Rise of Azshara will be live June 25th. I’ll be logged in and streaming it all.

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