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Anita Sadowska


I decided to start sharing the works of creators who inspire and motivate us. To start this off, please check out Anita Sadowska’s newest YouTube video below:

I love Anita’s videos.

Geeze, is she talented and easy to follow! It helps that she is actually a pro shooter and not some YouTube shill just trying to sell affiliate links. Nope, this is high level editorial goodness. The finished shots are jaw dropping. The models and locations in her videos makes me wish I could travel. Besides all the glitz and glamour, she is a great teacher. She goes through her steps and thought processes behind the shoots. Her editing videos are great!

Trust me, just follow her on YouTube and the rest of her social media and you won’t be disappointed.


Anita Sadowska’s Website

Anita Sadowska’s YouTube

Anita Sadowska’s Instagram

Anita Sadowska’s Facebook

Anita Sadowska’s Lightroom Presets


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