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Virtua Racing

Years and years ago I had a Sega Genesis when they were going out of style hard. One day, I chanced upon a Sega 32X Add on for my Genisis that made it a 32 bit console at a holiday clearance sale from a big box store that no longer exsists. It was $25 on clearance!

I was shook.

I could finally play the next generation of games for an afforadableish price. I gathered my spare change, begged like a starving homeless man and finally, finally, as they were just about cleared out, I got the second to last unit and bam, I was playing 32 bit games.

Virtua Fighter, Doom 32X, and a whole bunch of others were mine! Used of course. There used to be a store called Funkoland, if I remember correctly where you used to be able to buy used games for dirt cheap. I’m talking .15 cent games NES games. One day I came upon Virtua Racing and I was in love.

It was amazing.

3D tracks. An amazing view distance. Beautiful backgrounds. A world that looked way larger than it actually was. Great controls and 3 tracks.

I loved it.

I spent hours and hours on that game and got pretty OK at it. I don’t think, I was that good but I had a lot of fun with it. This week, this classic game for me arrived on the Nintendo Switch online store.

Of course I snapped it up.

Yep, no where near as pretty, fun or amazing as I remember, but man, I still like it. I mean, I suck at it now, but those nostalgia feels are here and I like it so far.

Official Nintendo Page description

Experience the herald of modern racing games, Virtua Racing! It’s a race against time, but be careful, running into opponents and obstacles will slow you down. Can you beat the clock?

Now featuring rankings and replays, online 2-player races, offline multiplayer races (up to 8-players at once on a single Switch), the crash-disabling helper mode, and motion controls.

Yes, this is worth $7.99 for me. 



Virtua Racing Website

Virtua Racing Nintendo Page






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