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Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day, Vol. 1

Out now in hard copy form!

Full description:

In a remote town dwells a man single-mindedly devoted to the slaughter of goblins-a man known as Goblin Slayer. However, this grim crusader isn’t the only one living an adventure-filled life! There are many who cross his path, like the rookie warrior and apprentice cleric who (though a bit put off by him) seek out Goblin Slayer’s advice or the waitress on a mission to get him to eat her tavern’s food…not to mention the goblins themselves, lying in wait in their nest. They all have their own stories to tell!

For the longest while now Goblin Slayer Brand New Day was a digital only affair. Today this is coming to print. Find it at your local manga shop or online.






  • Amazon: Hard Copy
  • Amazon: Kindle
  • Kumo Kagyu (Author), Masahiro Ikeno (Artist), Noboru Kannatuki (Artist)
  • Genre: Dark Fantasy/Adventure/ Mature
  • Yen Press Twitter


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