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World Of Warcraft Classic


The game that absorbed a good chunk of my life as well as millions of others innocent gamers. We were not ready for WOW. It was a bigger game that any of us thought. I, like millions of others, loved the original RTS games that laid the groundwork for World of Warcraft. I remember as I downloaded the game I poured through all of the online stories that I could read. I read up on all the lore that I could. I was already deep in the world before I logged in. When I finally did, I was overwhelmed. I never imagined it would be so huge. I remember swimming along Westfall to see how far I could go. Eventually, I made it to the next zone, the figured out how to open the in game map… it was then I realized just how massive the world actually was.

I was hooked.

Years later I conquered most of the game. Achieved loremaster before Cataclysm. Meaning that I did all the quests and was officially lifeless. Then Cataclysm came out and well, it’s weird to say this, but the quality of the game declined a lot. Expansions got smaller and smaller. Quality control went to shit. The story got dumber.

It was sad.

Sure there were high points and a lot of great quality of life additions, but slowly, the game started dying. Millions of players left and found better games outside of Azeroth. Many players found player run clone servers of classic WOW and spent time there. Others jumped into new MMOs. One big request from older fans and YouTubers who pretend they are older fans was for Blizzard to release classic. For years the chorus of voices intensified. Popular WoW YouTubers openly played on fanmade servers, eventually Blizzard agreed to make classic happen.


Of course the community went berserk. They made a bunch of fans new and old happy, gave streamers something new to survive on and reignited the WOW YouTuber community with more to love, talk about, hate and complain about. All in all, it’s been interesting to watch. Even Blizzard has started to jump on the hype train and bring out the feels.

Tonight, tonight the magic happens.




I’m planning on playing a bit of Classic WoW with Jas little by little during the week. We are both kinda torn about it. I was OK with classic, but I never had those rose colored glasses on that a lot of people seem to survive upon. WoW classic was fun and exploring it the first time was awesome. It was also needlessly convoluted, grindy, annoying and very, very hard. It was a major time sink and you needed to find a good guild to do most of the content, unfortunately a lot of guilds were bad.

So, we are going to play, here and there, until we get bored of it. Who knows, maybe we will love it. Maybe we will make our own guild and have a blast.



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