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It’s almost 2020 and wow, still feeling nostalgic. Let’s take a look back to what happened if cultural significance 20 years ago.


Livin’ La Vida Loca



  1. This song was so much fun.
  2. Every time I told someone I was Puerto Rican in a chatroom, they would always respond with: “Like Ricky Martin?”
  3. This put Puerto Rican guys on the map when it came to dating. It was hilarious.

I loved this song. I became a big Ricky Martin fan over the years and he proved himself to be more than a one hit wonder in America. He churned out a lot of other great songs. I especially loved seeing a Puerto Rican man being famous who didn’t fall into the stereotypes of what Spanish men were portrayed as in the media.

This post made me smile as I bop in my seat writing this with the song on repeat. .

OMG, it’s weird to me that this some is 20 years old…..


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