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Leo’s Fortune Review

Leo’s Fortune is a wonderful platforming game that is pretty light hearted so It’s great for younger players. The game has a great difficulty progression and will challenge all players until the very end.

Heroes Paradox Review

The best way to describe Heroes Paradox is like a sequel to Battleheart. It looks and plays very similar to the MikaMobile classic we all know and love. It controls almost the same, it looks almost the same and it plays almost the same. You could call it a clone, but I like to think of Heroes Paradox as a spiritual sequel to Battleheart.

Trouble With Robots Review

Trouble With Robots is a fun strategy game with the randomness of deck building game paired with a great story and wonderful art. The end result is a game that manages to keep a smile on your face from start to finish. For the most part.

ZAGA Review

ZAGA by Simple Machine has you tapping the screen to move two dots. Both dots move at the same time but in the opposite direction forward. The point is to go as far as possible while collecting currency.