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Immortal Rogue Review

Nardio Game Review     IS Immortal Rogue WORTH YOUR TIME? Yes!     WHAT SHOULD I PLAY IT ON? iOS   What Do We Think: Immortal Rogue is an interesting rogue like game...

Shuyan Saga

Shuyan Saga is out now for iTunes and Steam. Find out more about this awesome looking experience inside.

Tap Titans 2 Review

The Nardio Review     IS TAP TITANS 2 WORTH YOUR TIME? Yes!   WHAT SHOULD I PLAY IT ON? So far I’ve only played this on my Android cellphone. It’s also available for iOS.  ...

Dead Venture Review

Dead Venture is a new zombie killing driving game set in large mission based levels. We had a good time with it, but it wasn’t without it’s problems. Find out more inside!