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I first discovered Vistics a while ago at a Playcrafting NYC event. I didn’t try it because I had bad experiences with VR before. Scott, the awesome and really nice dev behind the game swore that the game would be smooth, but I said no.  I was getting more and more curious as the night went on because absolutely every single person was floored by it.  The side screen showing off the game looked very impressive as well.  I still didn’t work up the nerve to try it.

Past VR gave me migraines and as a person who suffers from migraines I just didn’t want to risk it  Then came GameaCon. I was working press for the event and ran into my old friend Scott and decided to throw caution to the wind and decided to try it.  Vistics blew my mind. 

Absolutely smooth gameplay in a seamless VR world.  My jaw was dropped the entire time I was playing.  Vistics was amazing. It was impressive. It was everything I heard VR could be but never dared to believe.  Yes. It’s that damned good. Im not just talking about the VR experience either. Vistics’ gameplay is tight and fun. No cheap deaths, no lag and tight controls. I honestly had a wonderful time playing this game.

Vistics is going to be at Playcrafting NYC’s event tonight and I cannot wait for another hands on with it.

Don your VR headset to explore the Vistics computer system. Once inside the system, jump and dash your way around the world while using your headset to find new paths to explore in this 2.5D virtual reality platformer.
Designed and built exclusively for virtual reality.

Displayed at NYC VR, NYC Arcade 2015, Cornell Tech Disruptive Tech Day, Indiecade East 2015,Playcraft NYC Spring Expo 2015,Playcraft NYC Summer Expo 2015, Game A Con 2015.

Game A Con 2015 – Best Technology (Link)

Mention in  Sphinxgamer (Link),SkilledUp (Link), PopMatters(Link),TheInk(Link)

Blueprint Scripting/Material Design/Level Design/Programming/Game Design: Scott Tongue
Music/Sound Effects: Christopher Hopkins
Script/Writing: Katie Muller
Voice Acting: Tom Fruehsamer
Assets: Unreal Engine 4 Starter Content/Market Place
Created in Unreal Engine 4 (4.5.X/4.6.X/4.7.X/4.8.X)

Check out Scott’s website for more info and please follow this talented developer.


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