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We started Nardio back in 2012 as we were tired of rehashed entertainment reviews and the lack of focus on indie business pioneers. We realized the only way we would ever get this coverage is if we do it ourselves, and thus Nardio was born.

We’ve mainly stayed within the entertainment industry focusing on reviews namely because it was something that was easy for us to do since we already played games and watched anime. With that said, we’re looking to expand into other markets like food and spirits, fashion, beauty and many many more. More than anything, we want to create a platform for these indie businesses to reach a large audience, especially those we truly believe in. And, of course, we want to make sure you have the best information possible before making a decision to spend money. We won’t say our reviews are objective. How can they be? Reviews are simply opinions which are by definition subjective. What we will say is we actually try to play through an entire game, read the entire book or watch an entire series before passing judgement. We put in the hours and base our reviews on the whole, something so many review sites don’t have the time/will to do. More importantly, we’ll never skew our reviews based on our relationship with these indies. We pride ourselves in being completely honest and while we don’t enjoy skewering bad games or anime, we have no problem giving our real opinion.

Here’s a little more about us:

Bernardo M. EspañolBernardo Español

Bernardo was born and raised in New York City before eventually escaping to Plattsburgh New York to go to college. After getting B.A’s in Political Science and Criminal Justice he realized those career paths didn’t interest him. Afterward he came back to the big city and worked for years in every type of job before landing at his current position. To help deal with the daily grind of office work Bernardo turned to writing about the things he loved. This site is the result of those efforts.

Jasmine Greene

Jasmine has worked as a freelance writer for over 6 years working at sites like staticmultimedia.com, justpressplay.net, gadizmo.com and informr.ca. Although she has always been interested in tech and games, working for these sites has given her a newfound appreciation for these industries. Besides writing for Nardio, Jasmine also is the president of app development company Luminosity Mobile. In 2014 they company released their first game, Once Upon a Runner, and they are currently working on their second. In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys reading manga, watching anime, play Ascension and exploring the city with Bernardo.


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