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Drawn Review

Drawn is a fairly fast-paced young adult novel that manages to justify the teenage angst the main character – Cameron – feels. I like the fact that he’s pretty self-aware of his own actions and how they come across. His character is also quite refreshing.

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Meet Me in the Garden Review

Meet Me in the Garden is an interesting mix of romance and mystery, often with the mystery overshadowing the romance aspects. The main character, Amalie, is a great lead as she struggles to accept her past and present. It’s interesting because while I didn’t have the same upbringing or experiences as her, I find myself identifying with her internal struggles. She’s relatable despite all of this and I couldn’t help but root for her. She really carries the story even when it gets a bit out there.

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Insatiable: Porn A Love Story Review

I was worried Insatiable would be a lot of forced shock or hyper sexualized content, thankfully it wasn’t. It was more of an autobiography of a young woman trying to find and understand herself. Insatiable is built on a lot of little stories that read very quickly. These many stories explains how and why she became the woman she is today. I really loved that she didn’t make herself out to be a victim or a saint. In fact Asa lived her life up to the book on her terms and owns all of it.

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