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My Teen Romantic Comedy – SNAFU

There will never be a shortage of the cliche high school romantic comedies, which is what makes My Teen Romantic Comedy stand out even more. It’s an excellent look into the world of the social outcasts of high school with a little humor and, yes, romance peppered in.

Non Non Biyori Review

Non Non Biyori is slice-of-life at its best. You follow around four girls as they explore the countryside. Not only do you get to appreciate the beauty and stillness of the Japanese country you also learn a lot about edible plants, wildlife and Japanese culture. Non Non Biyori isn’t a prequel to Repeat. Instead both serve as an independent look at the lives of Renge, Natsumi, Komari and Hotaru during the same year.

Haikyu!! Season One Review

Haikyu!! Starts off as a cliche sports anime, but it quickly moves away from the stereotypical “if I try hard enough I’ll win” mindset. There’s quite a lot of humor here and the episodes move at a pretty quick pace. Just when you think things are dragging the show speeds things up and you’re back on the rollercoaster ride. I don’t have any real interest in volleyball, but Haikyu!! does a good job melding the more technical information into the frantic action of the game.

Wakako-zake Review

Sit beside Wakako, a 26 year old office lady, as she takes a food tour at the various Japanese izakayas. Is Wakako-zake worth your time? Read inside.

Kill la Kill Review

Action! Drama! Nudity! Humor! Kill la Kill covers all the bases in a pretty little bow. It’s so fast-paced you don’t have time to get bored of the story or ponder some plot holes. Plus, you can forgive some weak story telling because it is so freakin’ awesome.