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Space Marine The Board Game Review

Excited for Space Marine The Board Game? Don’t be. Space Marine The Board Game is a hollow unfinished cash grab and a horrible game is zero replay. Don’t buy this if you are looking for a good board game.

Totes The Goat Review

Totes The Goat is simple but genius idea, swipe to move your goat around the entire play area of the floating island map. To move to the next level you have to land on every square. The hazards are enemies that are scattered on the island or drop in as the game goes on. Every time you clear a map you move to the next level. The controls are great and the art pops enough to keep things interesting.

Mad Aces Review

Mad Aces is an endless high score game that feels one dimensional and.. well kinda pointless.

Squareboy Vs Bullies Review

Squareboy vs Bullies is a beat’em up made in homage to classics like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. I honestly believe Squareboy vs Bullies is the best beat’em up on the iOS App Store right now. It is classic gameplay and the controls work perfectly on both the iPad and iPhone. Best of all IT’S FREE!!!!!

Go Home Dizzy Review

Go Home Dizzy is a one-tap game where you guide “Dizzy” through a field of enemies to get home. Read inside to see if it’s worth your time.

Bit Bit Blocks Review

Bit Bit Blocks is an amazing matching puzzle game by Greg Batha that needs to be on your iOS device. Find out why inside and then get this game!

target number

Target Number Review

If you’re searching for a new math puzzle game Target Number might be the game for you! Read inside to find out what works in this Android game.

Asgard Run Review

Asgard run for iOS is a refreshing take on the endless runner that is insanely addictive. Unfortunately the developer has designed in big problems.