Author: Jasmine Greene

Macro Monday: Fiery Skipper Fun

Nardio Macro Monday   Fiery Skipper In The Garden   Even when traveling, I can’t help but want to take pictures of butterflies. During my quick trip down to New Orleans for a good friend’s wedding, I had a full day to explore the city. As I  had already explored French Quarter and the Garden District, I figured I’d take a walk around City Park to see what was what. It had been about six years or so since I had last visited and it was hot and muggy as hell. Despite it being October, it was still in...

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Macro Monday – Busy as a Bee

Taking pictures of bees is HARD. They’re usually so active and fast. Not only are they flying from flower to flower, but once they’ve landed, they’re collecting all that pollen and nectar. More often than not, I end up taking pictures of bee butt. Not the most interesting subject, though maybe I could one day create a calendar for bee butt lovers. Anyway, this one bee was not quite as active. Perhaps it was taking a break or maybe its last breath. Either way I was able to snap this awesome picture with my 90mm macro lens.   I...

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