Author: Jasmine Greene

Macro Monday – Busy as a Bee

Taking pictures of bees is HARD. They’re usually so active and fast. Not only are they flying from flower to flower, but once they’ve landed, they’re collecting all that pollen and nectar. More often than not, I end up taking pictures of bee butt. Not the most interesting subject, though maybe I could one day create a calendar for bee butt lovers. Anyway, this one bee was not quite as active. Perhaps it was taking a break or maybe its last breath. Either way I was able to snap this awesome picture with my 90mm macro lens.   I...

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Monday Macro: Blue Stars

We’d been hearing a lot about the 90mm macro lens for Sony and the more I heard the more I wanted it. When we finally rented it from the Sony I kind of fell in love. It was so sharp and it was a lot of fun seeing how close I could get to something and still get it in focus. It didn’t take too long to get the lens, especially once spring started rolling around. These blue flowers really caught my eye. Apparently blue is a very rare color in nature mainly because it’s hard to detect for...

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