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RWBY Season 1 Review

Animated by the late Monty Oum, RWBY Season 1 is a fun and action filled series that follows Ruby and her group as the fight monsters and uncover secrets.

Princess Nine Review

Princess Nine is an amazing anime that is able to meld elements of sports, romance and friendship altogether. I cared about almost all of the characters and their struggle. You really feel like you’re on a journey with these girls and you can’t help but relate to almost all of them. While this might be marketed as an anime for girls, it’s really great for anyone who wants a great experience.

Tonari no Seki kun review

You just can’t help but smile at Seki-kun’s antics and the reaction of his “studious” neighbor Rumi. If Seki-kun were a real boy in US school’s he would likely be diagnosed with ADD because he never pays attention in class. Each episode focuses on how he deals with boredom in class. This ranges from polishing his desk to setting up a “mail service” for the class to playing shogi.