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Is Sleeping With The Boss Worth Your Time?

Yes. Especially since writing the sentence above made me snicker way too much.


What Did You Think Without Spoiling It?

Sleeping With The Boss is a short and fun light romance novel.  I really enjoyed how natural, powerful and honest the chemistry was between Claire and Will.  Although it all felt like a foregone conclusion, the ride was worth it. Sadly there aren’t any big twists and turns despite having a bit of a mystery. Nitpicking aside, Sleeping with the Boss was still pretty fun and kept a goofy smile on my face throughout.


Why it Works:

The pacing of Sleeping With The boss was perfect. There’s no long tiresome intro expedition. Instead they met fast and fell in lust with each other faster. I really enjoyed the two perspectives of Will and Claire as they struggled to understand their new found feelings of lust. Being in their shoes as they tried to be adults about it and deal with everything else going on was pretty entertaining. One thing that worked for me was both of the characters did more than just lust and hem and haw. They went for it. I love how Will plays the aggressor while trying to balance that fine line between forward and creepy. It gave me flashbacks to a few of my previous romances and it gave me a lot of pleasure to read a character who rode that fine line as well as I had. Not to be outdone, Claire steps up plenty of times to help move things along when Will started to overthink everything.

I really love how well written the characters were. Everyone felt fleshed out perfectly. There’s not too much exposition, but there’s enough so you understand why everyone was behaving the way they did. The Anderson brothers are a perfect example of this. You quickly get why each brother is the way he is. Knowing that this is the first in the “Anderson Brothers” series, you find yourself wondering midway just how their own romances will play out considering the character quirks already introduced.

Claire and Will each get great development that perfectly goes in pace with the story. Their initial hesitance then fighting their primal desires makes sense as the story moves along, but totally hits home as their true pasts are revealed.  This slow reveal works marvelously to make you really care about these two.  Honestly, as much as I love Will and sort of identify with him, this book would make an epic start to more Clare Maddox adventures. You really want her to go live and see the world.  Sure Will is perfection incarnate to her and the author did a great job giving her a happily ever after, but I feel like she is so darned lovable and passionate that a series devoted to her traveling the world and living the life that has been denied to her for so long would be great.

That aside I did very much love how well the author wrote a great story with two people feeling like they found “the one” without ever being too cheesy.  It happens in life and it’s hard to put into words, but she nailed it.  I can’t wait to start the next book in the series: Neighbors with Benefits.


No Like?

Not much. While the love scenes were passionate, they weren’t quite as hot and explicit as I would have liked. Maybe this is just my tendency to enjoy no holds barred sex filled erotica, but I felt with all the buildup, the sex scenes here let me down. I really loved the tension the author expertly created between these two, but the end results could have been a lot longer and more detailed. For example: the plane oral/masturbation scene in particular had some really great momentum going and it just sort of ended.  It would have been a great chance to have Claire use her new found familiarity with Will after the vacation to explore new things. Her new found appreciation for giving direction and Will’s willingness to be subservient to her desires really could have made that flight go two chapters in all the right ways. I feel like the author starts to get a bit naughty, but then reins it in.  I’d love to see what she could write without the restrictions of light romance.

That said I still totally loved Sleeping with the Boss and am starting on the next book immediately after finishing this review.



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