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Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition
Dark Elves vs Lizardmen
10 Ahead Game


We are back with another fast banger of a Blitz Bowl game for ya! We’ve got more Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition gameplay for you in a delicious bite sized chunk. The game wasn’t even 20 minutes this time! It was a 10 Ahead Game.

Check out our newest game below feature two of the fastest teams in Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition:

The Dark Elfs vs the Lizardmen!


Check out the Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition Team Cards for the Dark Elfs & The Lizardmen:


This game of Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition was silly fast but still pretty fun. Sure, it was a bit one sided, but the dice gods were fickle that day for one of us and really, really nice for the other.

I hope you enjoyed the game!

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