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Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition: Skaven vs Lizardmen Episode 2

We’ve got a new game of Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition for ya! We have the Skaven vs the Lizard men in a 10 ahead to win game. These teams are both fast and have super awesome minis to play with. Jas has the Lizardmen and I am rocking the Skaven. Both were an absolute joy to paint. Check out the game below:

This was a fast, fun and balanced game that I very much enjoyed the experience.



The Skaven

The Skaven come with Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition but even if they didn’t I’d wholeheartedly buy and recommend them. The Skaven are super fun to paint, great to play and they have a distinct look. Aesthetically they work perfectly with Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition. Small, mean, fast and spiky. They are a perfect fit. I plan on buying an extra set of Skaven to paint up for a rival team and maybe a holiday team. Let’s see what happens.


The Lizardmen

I feel the exact same for the Lizardmen. They are sold separately from the Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition game but OMG are they a sensational addition to Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition and totally worth the price to get them. They look AMAZING and were an absolute joy to paint! They are VERY powerful bordering on broken but they are a joy to play with and against. I already have a second squad of Lizardmen waiting to be painted up for the eventual mirror match Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition game. I love them!



I hope you enjoyed the game!









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