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Cosplay Conventions and Coronavirus


Howdy, we’ve decided to post an official statement about cosplay/anime conventions and the Coronavirus.

Check out the video below and or read on and get a summary:


We aren’t going to or promoting conventions for the next year. 

Any conventions.

We apologize to all the conventions that we were accepted as press this year. We apologize to you all for having to say and post this, but we honestly believe it needed to be said. We love what you do, we love your hard work, but we cannot go to any conventions as press or promote anyone to go to your events in good conscience until it’s safe to do so. We don’t think that will be this year.


We believe the community should also avoid all conventions for the next year.

Let’s be honest, we aren’t the only ones warning people away from social gatherings, let alone events that hold hundreds to thousands of people. It’s just not safe to go out and not only risk your life but everyone else’s. It sucks, but you can go a year without conventions, shoots, and cosplay meetups.


Support Conventions, however, you can.

The conventions are going to be reeling from this. An insane amount of money will be lost. Some smaller conventions may close because of this. People will lose jobs. It’s a mess all around, that said, it’s still not worth going to cons just to keep them afloat.

That said, if conventions give you the option to float your tickets over to 2021, please, if you can afford it, do so. The cons need that money to stay afloat. To pay for things. To survive. If you can afford to buy a ticket and not go, please do so. They need the money.


What the communities can do to pass the time.

Cosplay at home and share the pictures. Use this time to make awesome mind-blowing cosplays. Learn new languages and skills. Use this time to get in better shape. Use this time to connect with friends and family digitally. Join online groups and make plans for when things get better.

Be there for people who are stressed. Reach out via phone calls, video chats, and texts with friends and acquaintances. People need friends at times like this.


What the community and conventions can learn from this.

Let’s end con crud together.

Let’s make conventions ban sick people, including guests! Add in a provision to the ticket contracts that states that people that are sick will be asked to leave or be removed from conventions. Let’s be honest, no one likes con crud. No one likes it when a sick person shows up to a con and starts coughing like crazy around them.

Let’s stop encouraging con crunch. 

Let’s face it, it leads to people burning out and getting sick. It leads to people being exhausted, which makes them more susceptible to getting sick. 

Let’s stop encouraging sick cosplayers to attend conventions!

Seriously sick of seeing cosplayers complaining about being sick on social media and then getting flooded with encouraging comments to go to the con anyway. It’s stupid, and it’s time for that nonsense to end.

Same for guests! 

I get it, I get it, so and so voiced a character you like in an anime or video, and now you have some sort of attachment to that person. Well, s/he is still sick. Do you really want them going out in public, risking getting sicker when they should be resting? Risking spreading their cold/flu/whatever to every single person they come in contact with, including you? 

If the answer to the above is yes, you have problems, and you need to wake up.


Please consider ways to support creators who attend these conventions.

Lookup who makes your fave prints and order some online. Contribute to their Patreons. Share their work on social media. Let’s be honest, creators missing conventions is going to hurt a lot of them financially. That includes us. We do what we do thanks to our Patrons. So, please, if you can afford it, support those who create the content you love. 


CDC Coronavirus Website



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