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Rem Racers Is Coming Out Soon!


Rem Racers is an upcoming racing board game from the makers of the infinity skirmish game. I’ve been a huge fan of those games from afar but it looks soooooooooo complicated and the minis are also kinda intimidating to paint. That said, I love everything I see and as soon as I can afford a starter set I want to play it. Well, they Brought cute car racing to the Infinity Universe.

Rem Racers Art


I’ve bee following Rem Racers for a little while now as the developer drip fed out tidbits of the racing board game. It’s been as interesting as it is frustrating but finally, finally we have started to see some real information of the game finally drop.

What do you get when you buy REM Racers?

A box containing:
  • Rulebook
  • 5x Remote miniatures
  • 5x Control Pads
  • 9x Pilot Cards
  • 5x 12-sided Dice
  • 60x Equipment cards
  • 13x Racetrack Tiles
  • 19x Templates (movement, teardrop and collision)
  • 46x Tokens


Check out the trailer below as well as a few other YouTuber previews.


The official Launch Trailer:

The trailer above is cute. Doesn’t explain much, but I like what I see. RemRacers doesn’t look overly complicated and it seems fun for a bunch of people. My only issue is, I don’t yet have kids, so I’m looking for games that will be fun for just two people.


Here’s an overview of what comes in the box.

The preview above comes from the YouTube channel TableTop Skirmish games. I watch his channel pretty often for Age of Sigmar and other game news.

Check out his channel here:


Here is a review for Rem Racers!


This review is done by a YouTube channel I stumbled across while making this article. This is the first video of theirs that I’ve watched. That said, I think the review is really good. No time padding, clear and to the point. Check it our below:

You can find more of the reviewers content here
The Dice Gods War Gaming



So what are my thoughts after watching all of these videos and more?
I like it.

Rem Racers looks like a fast and fun game that manages to capture racing and mayhem. But, I’m not going to get it quite yet. I think it’s going to be one of those games that works best with 4+ players. Until I see a few game plays of just two people going at it and having a good time I’m going to hold off.

You can preorder Rem Racer from various websites now.




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