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OK, let’s talk about this one.

I’ve this bright pink stand out cosplayer is called Sam and she and I have been following each other on Instagram since Jas shot her at Otakon 2019. It’s been a while since then, obviously. Well, when Otakon 2023 was about to happen, I messaged her and begged to do a shoot and an interview. Thankfully she said yes.

Then came Otakon and we kept missing each other. Finally, Saturday later in the day we were able to meet up and at this point I was exhausted after doing like 50 interviews beforehand. Then I had to trek from the con to the attached hotel through some of the rudest and slowest “security” that I could imagine. Finally, I meet up with her in the super brightly lit hotel lobby and OMG was there too much light but it had the fun effect of making her cosplay look extra bright and fun. Like, reality was a bit off because the color and light.

As I finally laid eyes on her in person I realized the trek was worth it, I really needed to eat something, and a nap beforehand would have been smart.

I was out of it.

Then her friend who was standing with her sees me out of it after saying hi and said:

“She’s really short isn’t she?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, which relaxed the heck out of me, and then I agreed, which I immediately regretted. But, after that, we got a few shots and even did an interview. It was a fun experience and she was joy to meet.

Have a great day!


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