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Meet Alicia


Sunday, I braved the disgusting NYC heat with Jasmine and met up with a NYC aspiring model named Alicia. We met her at a Japan Festival Parade and absolutely adored her look. We begged to do some shots with her and thankfully she agreed.

We planned on going downtown to Brookfield Place as it’s easy to get to and is a sensational place to shoot. Indoors and outdoors, Brookfield Place is a beautiful NYC gem that we go to a lot.

Getting there was a mess.

What was supposed to be a quick ten to fifteen minute commute took about an hour. Thank you MTA for continuing to lower the bar. When we got there, well, things were also a bit off. Our poor model was a bit lost and we had to do a bit of exploring before we were able to meet up and shoot.

Thankfully, it all worked out.

Check out a picture from the shoot below:

I love going to Brookfield Place to hang out, grab a snack and recently, for photoshoots. The interior is awesome and for the most part, they are pretty chill with letting people do photographs there as long as you aren’t using a flash. Although Sunday, a janitor got mad at us for taking a pic in the food court and told us to leave the building. I’m pretty sure he was just having a bad day and making up for it with a power trip. Besides that, it was an awesome experience.

We moved from the inhospitable food court to the main area and enjoyed the sensational lighting. Afterwards, we went outside for a bit and took this picture in the nearby garden area. The outside area of Brookfield Place is absolutely gorgeous. Sensational views of the water, luxury boats, New Jersey and even the Statue of Liberty. I’m surprised and honestly a bit thankful that the area isn’t flooded with photographers or influencers. Brookfield Place is a hidden gem.

It was perfection, the sun was starting to set, the trees provided wonderful diffusion and the wonderfully maintained flowers provided a sensational backdrop. And then there was Alicia being absolutely perfect. She was a joy to shoot but oddly not used to being shot. So she kept breaking out in laughter. It was fine because her smile and laugh were perfect for pictures. So I told so bad jokes and made silly faces to get her to laugh some more.

It was a wonderful Sunday of shooting. I’m just sad that we didn’t have more time to shoot. We were all exhausted after dealing with the weather and the problems meeting up. So we called it not too long after. I got a few good shots and so did Jas. We were going to grab food at the normally sensational food court but decided against it because of the Mr. Janitor.  We can’t wait to shoot with Alicia again.

Photography Stats:

Sony a7III

Sony 85mm Lens

F: 1.8 SS: 1/200 ISO: 125


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